created by Phoebe A

3 Mar 2010

Top: 'Embankment' (2005) Rachel Whiteread
Bottom: 'Place' (2008) Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread uses the space surrounding her to make art installation. She uses traditional casting methods and materials that are usually used in making sculptures as opposed for the finished object. Employing the use of plaster, rubber and resin, she makes sculptures of the spaces in, under and on everyday objects.

Whiteread's work draws attention to the scale of the intrinsically human-scaled designs, and creates an absence by removing the objects function. Industrial space has always been an inspiration for Whiteread, and her work is similar to building construction in a way that she attempts to make a space concrete that wasn't really before.
The audience can contemplate the construction of the real metropolis whilst wandering around Whiteread's human-scaled installations.

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